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How Is The iPhone 5 Owner Like a Pittsburgh Airport Baggage Claimer?

So a few weeks ago the iPhone 5 was announced.  And 10 million people bought one.. well, kind of.. they stood in line or got in a VIRTUAL line to order one.  And they will EVENTUALLY get one but, being in iPhone 4 owner, so will I when I walk into an phone store in about 5 months.  Why, because I waited.

And then, it got even worse because apparently, people who DO have the iPhone 5 can’t find chargers.. an article from England talked about it and then Bill Rehkoph of KDKA Radio reported about a friend, Mia Aquino in NYC not being able to find adapters or chargers or… whatever…because they didn’t WAIT.

This, plus the fact that our Hawaii Social Media Conference presentation is coming up next week reminded us of OTHER people that don’t want to wait…. the people at the Pittsburgh Airport (and every other airport) Baggage Claim!!!! (We’ve written about this before)

When just coming off of a plane and waiting for their bags, why does everyone line up right along the baggage claim belt?????????????

We would all be able to see our bags and special little luggage-handle-decorations if everyone would just step back 3-4 feet aaaaannnnnn….., you know it, WAIT for their bag to come along!!!!!!

But no!  When anyone in the back row wants their luggage, they have to elbow their way into the front row past the person texting their ride that it’s ok to come around now, passed the little kids that think  it’s cool to see the “suitcases on the slide,” or the person that thinks they are ENTITLED to a front row at the baggage claim!

Going back to the iPhone, look , while everyone was making excuses and false justifications as to why they NEED one of the first iPhones, I was the only one to say, “I just want one cuz it’s cool!!!”

And to both, baggage claimers and charger-less iPhone 5 users, it’s fun to be in the front of the line but you look SILLY when it doesn’t make sense.  How about this little tidbit…life would be so much easier for you and the rest of us , if you would just learn to WAIT, Ya Jagoffs!


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