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Horrible Bank Robber Disguise


Old people talk about the “youth of today” being lazy and not having the same work ethic that they had waaaay back when.  Not sure I agree completely but, I gotta tell ya, this guy is kind of making the point.

Allegeldy, Adam Gregory Voelker, went into a local GetGo and robbed the place.  Unfortunately, just before ALLEGEDLY robbing the place, he went into the GetGo, mosied around and then bought some stuff.

Full article in Trib here

There’s no empirical evidence to prove that, the reason the GetGo cameras got such a good shot of him, is because he was stuck in the line to buy his 1-2 Little Debbie snacks, behind a senior citizen at the lottery line who had a hand full of napkins, tablets and underwear swatches with 6-7,000 number combinations on them.

Adam, Adam, Adam….c’mon….if you’re gonna be an alleged bank robber, you should have the attitude that you’re gonna be the best dog-gone bank robber there ever was!  Not some slouch, amateur.

As we have said before on this blog, in Pittsburgh, it doesn’t take much initiative to blend in.  I mean, all ya have to do is put on a leather Steelers jacket with all of the Super Bowl numbers sewn on the back and a Steelers ball cap and you’d blend in with 96% of the population.. even on a Sunday morning!

But wait… since you didn’t get the disguise right the first time, we decided to help. For your booking photo, ask if you can use one of the SnapChat face filters!


Unfortunately Adam, bank robberies don’t really get second chances.  Ya should have YouTube’d for a little better planning, Ya Jagoff!

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