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Hey.. Where are the Lights?

YaJAgoff Blog Post Van With No Lights

Well.. as we think of putting up Christmas lights for decorations, we thought this van could use a few!  Followed this specialty transport van, you know, the ones that transport folks in wheel chairs and usually have one of those “How’s my driving?” stickers on them, for about 5 miles…. no lights!  2 or 3 cars coming the opposite way flashed their lights at the driver but… no change!

Does the driver not wonder where the road goes when there are no street lights? Like, they don’t say.. “hmmm… there must be a road out there somewhere!”

Not sure how ya did it but glad that you made it to your facility safely big guy!  Ya might wanna tell your headlights that it forgot about the time change with Daylight Savings Time..OR just pay attention to your driving… Ya Jagoff!


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