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Hey, How’s Yoga Going?

YaJagoff Blog Post Car

Hey there! Have we found a new yoga class?  Park yoga, hot yoga, chair yoga now we have people relaxing in traffic doing car yoga? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Do ya think the driver has a cigar and a cocktail in their hands?   Is this a fake leg on a stick.. kinda like those tails and hands that people hang out of their closed trunks?

Dude…first, thanks for doing us a favor and covering that foot but.. pull it back inside your car!  To our knowledge, La-Z-Boy hasn’t started to make car seats yet. And, we don’t want you crashing into us if you happen to get one of those cramps that feels like your toes are crossing or a charley horse while driving at 60 mph…. Ya Jagoff!


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