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Neighbor Jagoffs

Hey Baby, What’s YOUR Sign?

So many people (Jagoffs) making the rest of us look bad and sooooooo little time to write!!  Today’s topic was a toss-up between the 21-year FBI impersonator in Bethel Park and THIS story.  We chose this story from Shaler Township because it ended up making national news on  (Yep, making us all look bad.)

If you don’t know this story yet, DO NOT TRESPASS ANY FURTHER THROUGH THIS BLOG page until you watch the video HERE!!!!!!!   THIS MEANS YOU!

Now that you know the story, you are permitted to Pass Go to the rest of the posting!

7 Steps To Spoiling A Shaler Township Block Party ( A story summary)

1)  Joann’s been taking care of a hillside for 3o years.

2)  Joann cut down some trees.

3)  Dave now claims the hillside is his (turns out he’s RIGHT but hasn’t said anything for 30 years as Joann toiled over the hillside)

4)  Dave sues Joann and gets $3,000 (an amount equal to Roberto Clemente’s first contract or something)

5)  Dave puts up a note warning Joann to stay off his property (as if she doesn’t know this since the hearing)

6)  Joann posts a set of standard “No Trespassing” signs in rebuttal

7)  Dave responds, in a very kindergarten manner, with huge signs saying “Keep Out” and crazy things like “No Paul Bunyan Wannabees.”

Thank God Davey-boy stopped short of posting an “I’m a Lady Gaga AND Barry Manilow Fan” sign and making himself look like a total fool!  (Right, too late!!)

Hey Davey-the-sign-man, we have one SIMPLE question for you.  How long did it take Joann to cut down, chop up and remove 6 trees from the hillside?  Do ya think you might have cut all of this nonsense off-at-the-pass by giving her a friendly little tap on the shoulder when you heard the chain saw running on the FIRST TREE???????  Oh wait!  that would’ve required you to act civil to your neighbor!

Davey, WE THINK you need to THANK Joann cuz, if it wasn’t for her CLEARING THE TREES, you wouldn’t have had any place to post your silly-ass-childish-I’m-embarrassing-myself-and-my-family-on-the-news-by-acting-like-a-crochety-old-man signs.  Now that you’ve embarrassed yourself AND the entire neighborhood, we hope you saved some paint, because the only other sign that needs to be posted on your property, at this point, is “HOUSE FOR SALE,”  Ya Jagoff!!!!


Dave, you need some “Jagoff Rehab”  please refer yourself to BOTH of these Pittsburgh websites: Secret Agent L and Dignity And Respect



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Orrrrrrr, maybe this should be “Neighbor NEEDS an Athletic Supporter!” I love Steeler loyalty and I am sure the Rooney’s love when people buy...