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Have a “Huggie” Halloween?

Halloween Jagoffs

We always say that this blog is a therapeutic outlet – express your anger here and you will sleep better at night AND it could keep you from being fired for telling your co-worker what you really think of their lunch room eating habits.

I love Halloween but I’ve been carrying the emotional scars, for years, caused by an older lady in the neighborhood we grew up in. I swear that this older lady in our neighborhood just LOVED to torture people, ESPECIALLY kids, without reason.

She would give out Huggies juice barrels and cans of soda as Halloween treats.  Do you know how HEAVY those things get at about your 50th house?  Actually, I think she even high-dropped those cans into our bags from the top of an 8-foot ladder to increase the impact. (I couldn’t really tell since I couldn’t see through my one-size-fits-all mask.)

So this goes out to the neighbor lady: not sure where you got those ANVIL-WEIGHTED-DRINKS, Mrs. Whomever-You-Were, but punishing us by waiting down our candy bags was evil, ALMOST 8th-grade-nun-Sister-Anecita-like, Ya Jagoff!

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