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Hate To Dump This Jagoff On Ya 

Jagoff dumped trash on the side of the road

Remember when we thought the people who burned their garbage were a little, I don’t know, off? I mean fuel a good fall fire kinda burn ok, but full-on garbage burning: odd.  Garbage dumping is a whole new level.  It is just gross and it is happening. 

Two reasons this dumping in Mahoning Township is an attention grabber: 

  1. With multiple recycling sites, opportunities, and garbage cans in constant plain sight, how does anyone think it is ok to just drop junk, garbage, debris, whatever your unwanted stuff is off of a main road? 
  2. Where on God’s green earth is Mahoning Township?  

To expand on #1, it creates an eye sore and of course is just plain horrible for our eco system, and any person breathing today should know that.   I mean I haven’t thrown my gum out of the car window in decades, I tend to swallow it but that is a whole other blog post. Leave your crap in bags and take them out to your curb on your designated days.  For crying out loud, if you are piling up with trash, find a neighboring borough and sneak your crap to their curb.  I mean don’t but it is better than dumping. Just don’t dump.  After all, this dumper received a $300 fine.  In jagoff terms that is about five Primanti Brothers trips, or maybe 11 cases of Ya Jagoff beer? 

As for the location.  Insert sigh.  While I am proximity challenged, I know some townships.  Not this one.  I looked this bad boy up and FYI, it is in Armstrong County and is bordered by Clarion County.  Boom! Do not tell me you know where this dumping was happening, ya jagoff! 

Full story: KDKA-TV

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