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Work Jagoffs

Guest Post, Dominic Errico’s Co-workers!

Dominic Errico

      Dominic Errico


Hosts Power Pregame and Panther Primer on TribLive Radio (  PA Announcer/Voiceover guy/Sports Blogger

The VoiceSays Blog

Allright I’ve had it up to here with the Jagoffs I work with and I have to blow off some steam.

I’m trying desparately to get into the inner psyche of someone who would use up the last roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and not walk 20 feet to get a few more rolls for the next unsuspecting guy who has to use the bathroom.

I guess I could use some of the 32 unused paper towels that someone watched fall on the ground and couldn’t be bothered to pick up and dispose in the garbage can.

The bathroom at the office might be disgusting enough, but you should see the treasures I find when I use one of the fleet vehicles we all have to share. Empty pop bottles, sticky candy bar wrappers, cigarettes, a used moist towelette, snot rags, and all around general filth.

The best of the bunch was the fingernail clippings I found in the side cargo bin.  Yep, one of the Jagoffs I worked with clipped his nails and tossed them into the door bin.

The mess is bad enough, but this last one is the true inspiration for this entire post.  It’s pretty cold these days, so naturally you might be in a hurry to get into the vehicle and get warm.Imagine my surprise when I closed the door quickly and unintentionally inhaled someone’s leftover gaseous waste from the previous run.

Your immediate fear is that it’s YOU that smells like …well, you know…,but nope, it’s your inconsiderate co-worker who launched some ass-gas napalm and couldn’t be  bothered to open the windows and let it air out.

Everyday I work with these guys reminds me of the job search engine commercial with the guy working with a bunch of monkeys.

How about some consideration for your coworkers, Ya Jagoffs!

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