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Green Beer or Antonio Brown’s Blonde Mustache?

You tell us? Green beer? Antonio Brown’s blonde mustache? Which one is less real?

Listen.. as we contemplate this….a human can decorate themselves as much as and however they want. We don’t have to all agree on what is tasteful.

Can we all just agree that, ruining a good beer with green food coloring (and preparing for a day of green lips and teeth) is about as Hey-I-was-a-dumb-college-kid-once as you can get. Can we also agree that AB’s attempt at a blonde mustache was ALSO an award winning display of Hey-I-was-a-dumb-college-kid-once stupidity?

The bottom line… both are gone, thankfully! AB for good… green beer.. well, not so much but gone for now.The less we give AB attention about his mustache, the less apt he will be to have a blonde caterpillar lip. Same for the green beer… the more we ignore it, the more likely we will have anyone wanting to put green food coloring in a a good glass of beer!

So for next year, St. Patrick’s Day… the beer choice is Guinness, with a shot of Jameson.. not a weak, light beer with a shot of green food coloring, YaJagoffs!

Besides… the more Guinness and Jameson you drink, the less you’ll care about AB’s mustache color!


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