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“Giving Skivvies” For the Light of Life Mission


Don’t worry, the dog was not injured during this photo-taking.  He will do ANYTHING when there is a Milk-Bone involved as a reward. And yes, the skivvies are clean, they do not have skid marks in them that look like runway 28 Right at the Pittsburgh Airport.

So here’s the deal, our friends at Light of Life Rescue Mission are in need of socks & undies again. Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Donate via their Amazon Wishlist HERE . It’s all served up waiting for you to pick and pay.

2. Mail a donation to, Light of Life, 913 Western Ave., Pgh, PA 15233.or drop off  a donation on evenings & weekends at, 10 E North Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212

3. Post something on your Facebook or twitter with the link above.  For twitter, use the #‎givingskivvies tag.

It’s almost winter and these items would be very helpful as you can imagine.  Please do your best to help.

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Thanks to all of you for your loyalty!

There will be a raffled prize for everyone who makes a comment on today’s post before midnight.

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