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Giant Eagle Buzz

Today is a the first Friday in lent and John is already standing in line at the church fish fry because he always wants to be FIRST !

So YaJagoff Podcast host, Rachael Rennebeck wrote today’s blog post.

If asked what season is it in Pittsburgh, I’d assume generally speaking an answer to be winter.  Perhaps skiing, sledding, school closing or stock up on groceries season.  But how often do you hear bald eagle nesting season? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, consider it heard from the folks at ya jagoff.

The Hays female eagle laid an egg yesterday afternoon, the second egg to Tuesday’s first.  The birds typically lay between one and four eggs every several days.  I don’t need a little birdy to tell me that birthing for days is exhausting.  This means eagles can be in the birthing stages for hundreds of hours hatching multiple eggs. This mind-boggling experience prompted me to investigate the recent other births Pittsburghers have been enthralled with.

The baby giraffe journey we all waited for…30-60 minutes!  Granted the giraffe gestation time is 15 months, but a half hour to an hour delivery time.  The ever-loved elephants are carried for 22-24 months…but I didn’t find a lengthy delivery process to back-up that it is worse than the Hays eagle. Can’t do it. I mean wow, just wow!

The Hays eagle family is nesting on the same hillside above the Monongahela River, where they successfully reared three chicks in 2014.  They also laid three eggs in 2016 but one did not survive, and these birds are the first bald eagles to breed in Pittsburgh’s city limits in more than 150 years, according to the Trib.

So why the fascination? The weather rodent Phil did not deliver the appropriate news? The zoo animals have laid low with minimal reproduction and the aviary’s claim to fame sloth sleeps over half the day? Maybe because the eagle is the official and national bird of the United States? Whatever the reason, this lady bird deserves all the kudos in the world for delivering over the course of days.

Pittsburgh will continue to talk weather and grocery-gets in case of a storm, but this eagle story is sure to generate chatter. I would assume its not just the animal lovers or water cooler topic searchers.  I am thinking even the Stiller debaters are talking and not about Le’Veon’s contract. Nope.  More like they’d rather hear about the nesting eagles than the Philly Eagles Super Bowl win.  Sorry, fly Philly Eagles fly, Ya Jagoffs!

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