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Who Gave the Dog MiraLAX?

Thanks to Guest Blogger, Rachael Rennebeck for the post today while John is away searching for Big Foot! 

The smell of #2 is foul and putrid at all times; even when bouncing the newborn bambino and walking the spanking new pup. No exceptions ever.  It is especially grotesque when an 80 pound American Bulldog Boxer mix has uncontrollable diarrhea leaving mounds of liquid love in every room of the house.  This was just last week at my house.

Then, once the room christening slowed down and the smell of Lysol replaced the stench, I’d start a new day with a new attitude.  I’d feed the dog and give snacks as I usually did.  I added water to Tanner’s bowl regularly, too, like a good owner.  Then after day three of him barely eating and snacking, of intense family head scratching wondering why Tanner was creating mess after mess, I saw the white flake swimming in the water bowl. It was that moment that every accusation I made of my daughter sneaking the dog chocolate, or my sons tossing some pizza crust his way, came to a screeching halt.  I induced the #2 marathon.  I poured the water from the big orange cup into the water bowl. The orange cup is taboo–it is orange like a safety cone–a caution sign so to speak that it is indeed the cup that contains Miralax.  Oh my!

The cup with Miralax remnants refilled the dog bowl and wreaked havoc on poor Tanner for days.  There are so many things wrong with this scenario from blaming the wrong culprits to not washing the orange Miralax cup. Lucky for me, Tanner is off of the Miralax and back to normal, but I can’t help but think the slight head tilt, that I thought meant that he craved a head rub, now takes on new meaning.  Almost like, really? The orange cup is not the dog water refill cup. Clean your cups ya jagoff!