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Airport Jagoffs

For Jagoffs on Cell Phones in Public

yajagoff podcast

If ya have ever been in an airport, in the grocery store, a hotel lobby, on a bus, WHATEVER and had that person talking loudly on their cell phone, or have ever BEEN that person, this is the perfect gift for you. Especially for the hmmmmm… peeps who walk around Face-timing on speaker!

Look, we all know someone who has tried to sing with headphones on… loud and awful.  So what makes anyone think that having two earbuds in talking on the cell phone is any different.  The bottom line is, I don’t gave 2 $hi$$ about if you closed on a new order for 1,000 4/32 x 5 1/4 inch valves or if Anna in accounting needs to be counseled about her call-offs.  Learn about the INSIDE voice, YaJagoffs!

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