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Dont Wait On 28!

Well, well, well!

We love calling out jagoffs on this blog but.. we also love to give kudos to those that are doing great work in the community!  This Facebook page, “Don’t Wait On 28!” is doing the Lord’s work in our opinion.

It’s a Facebook Group page dedicated to the frustration of driving on Route 28. Blown tires, 3-lanes-merging-into-1, constant construction aaaaaand even being late for a colonoscopy.  The page is administered by, Travis Preisner who runs the road regularly and a few other roads that are under construction at the same time.  Of course, 28 has been under construction since, we think, George Washington visited. Remember our blog post about the McKees Rocks and I-79 bridges?  Do these construction people not have Google Calendar apps?

Ok.. bottom line… if traffic frustrates you and you want to commiserate with others and, maybe even make yourself feel better, got follow the Facebook Group “Don’t Wait On 28“… YaJagoffs…(of course, that’s the term of endearment context because Travis is our hero! )

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