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Movie Jagoffs

Final Harry Potter Movie

Old Photo Credit, Tracy Fedkoe – Chartiers Valley

So last Friday at 12:01 AM, theaters all over were prepared for an onslaught of people dressed as Harry Potter characters to come and watch the Final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2.

Crowds and theater managers have been on high-alert for MONTHS – Got enough pop ordered?  Check.  Got enough popcorn ordered? Check.  Bathrooms clean? Who cares this is a movie theater!  Got all the projectors and light bulbs working?  Check (UNLESS you are at the Destinta in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.)

My first-hand report is that the first 5 minutes, or so, of the movie flickered and had horrible or no sound.  The crowd got pretty edgy – almost to the point that some of those dressed as Harry started aiming their homemade magic wands at the screen and Destinta staff. 

The crowd continued to get edgy but the problem resolved and the movie played on without a restart.  As part of remuneration to the paying customers for their inconvenience, the Destinta staff gave everyone free passes to a future movie. NICE MOVE!  But then, they handed out souveneir Harry Potter 3-D glasses to everyone. 

WHAT???????????????????? Yep!  3-D Harry Potter glasses from like 2 years ago!

Hey Destinta: #1,  so much for the let’s-be-ready-for-the-big-night check-list, #2, where did ya pull THOSE useless things from?  Why not just hand out some old bowling shoes, Xanadu World Premier Tube Tops, fake beards and wigs from the Love Guru Premier, Gigli tote bags, and a Jaromir Jagr shirt and Barry Bonds anti-drug posters, YA JAGOFFS!

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