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Family Meal Recipes from KB Plumbing: Just Don’t Put The Leftovers Down the Drain!

You know how it is kind of chic to align a business with an unlike or uncommon thing, and that thing helps better identify their brand?  


Well KB Plumbing, a family-owned plumbing company in Robinson Township operates under the motto that they are so family-oriented that they even share their family recipes.  For goodness’ sake, just don’t put the leftovers down the drain.   

Their first recipe share was the Pittsburgh staple n’ at.  The best homemade pierogies, hands down, Kari’s recipe for a batch of 200 pierogies!  Plus, she put the K in KB Plumbing, her husband Ben adds the second letter and the plumbing talent.  They share family and Pittsburgh-centric recipes regularly, so join their mailing list

After you try these golden gobs of goodness, prepare for Kari’s favorite Christmas cookie recipe.  But before we cue the sleigh bells just yet, how about a fun kid’s treat in time for Halloween?  These recipes were distributed at the last few community events like yesterday’s Moon Township Spooktacular.  

Did we mention KB Plumbing won funniest truck? Just had to share Halloween fun! 


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