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Exploring Brookline Boulevard

By Daniel Casciato

A few months ago, I wrote about my current home in South Bend, Indiana. When I am not in South Bend, and visiting family and friends in Pittsburgh, we stay at our Pittsburgh house in Brookline. Hey, some people have vacation homes along the coast; we have ours in the Burgh!

In today’s #WhereYaAt, I explored one of the most popular avenues in Pittsburgh, Brookline Boulevard, which serves as the commercial and cultural center of the Brookline neighborhood.

Below are just some of the many wonderful places along the Boulevard (I wish I could have listed every single business!)

Moonlite Cafe

Founded in 1997, Moonlite Cafe has been one of Brookline’s must-stops before any sporting event serving up a great variety of beer, cocktails and bar food. Owner and operator, Luciano Defelice and his wife Toni both have roots from the same hometown back in the old country, Pizzoferrato located 3 hours east of Rome. Luciano, otherwise known to the locals as Louie, moved from Italy to Brookline in 1983 where soon after, he met his love Toni who was born and raised here in the states. Together they opened Moonlite Cafe serving the Brookline community for the last 24 years. With a huge personality and big smiles, Louie has made the Moonlite, a home away from home.

Antonio’s Pizzeria

What do you get when you combine a master butcher with 15 + years of experience and a pizzeria. You get pizza with the finest, freshest, hand-crafted meats in the city. Homemade meatballs and sausages and more, all created from their own special recipes, perfected through repeated taste tests and gluttonous sausage binges!


Pitaland Mediterranean Bakery has been offering a wide selection of homemade and specialty imported foods since 1969. They offer an assortment of products available for wholesale, and just like everything we do, everything is fresh and of the highest quality. You can also top in and get fresh-daily house-made authentic specialties – authentic breakfast dishes, gyro, falafel, salads and fresh kibbee, and that’s just the beginning!

802 Bean Company

802 Bean Company is a charming neighborhood coffee shop in the heart of Brookline Boulevard brewing organic, Fair Trade coffee. They also have a nice selection of breakfast sandwiches, muffins, scones, salads, and more!

Las Palmas Carniceria

Las Palmas Carniceria is a hugely-popular Mexican restaurant that has awesome tacos. This restaurant delivers an unforgettable dining experience set in a familiar ambiance. Not in the mood for the tacos? They offer a menu with plenty of options. Expect impeccable quality that will make the trip worth it.

Scoops on the Boulevard

Scoops Pittsburgh began on Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon, where ice cream has been served since the 1930’s. In 2000, founder Mike Collins opened Scoops on Beverly followed by Scoops on the Boulevard in 2010.  Each location was uniquely designed around the neighborhood, and not all of our flavors are the same!

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing