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Criminal Jagoffs

“Everything BUT The Kitchen Sink” Attacker!

(Click HERE to see story on WTAE Website)

EXCERPT FROM STORY (and most important part):

“An intoxicated Bessemer man was arrested after he used a toilet, a whiskey bottle and a stick to threaten a state trooper, according to a state police report.”
When the police came to Steve Herman’s house to answer a call, he ran up to the attic and tossed a toilet outta the window at the them.  Then a bottle of whiskey.  And then a STICK!  No report on whether or not the whiskey bottle or toilet was full!!!!!!!
Here’s some GOOD news out of this.  No police officers were hurt aaaaaaaaaand, the folks in “always-picked-on-Fayette-County” can RELAX!!!!  Although you might have assumed so, this story DID NOT take place there!
Basically, old Stevie really did throw everything BUT THE KITCHEN SINK at the cops!
This  story brings sooooo many questions to mind like, WHY was there a toilet stored on the third floor?  WAS it being stored OR used?  Will Stevareno be fined for littering? Is the toilet still in one piece so that I can go grab it from the yard and take it to Construction Junction for some weekend beer money?
Hey Stevie, didn’t ya ever hear of, “Sticks and Stones (and whiskey bottles) may break my bones but toilets thrown from the third floor by a crazy @#$@ will NEVER HURT ME, YA JAGOFF!!