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Ever See a Bucket-Spillin’ Jagoff?

Listen… I don’t typically pick on fast-food staff for these posts because they have a hard enough job dealing with ignoramuses and jagoffery all day every day. But…..

This is at a local Wendy’s. Clearly that like to keep things spiffy. Especially the nice looking tile floor.  But ya know what happens to a tile floor when it gets wet OR when the bottom of your shoes is wet?  It gets SLIPPY!

So while it’s awesome that someone took the time to spiffy up the floor, it’s complete jagoffery that the mopping chief chose to dump the bucket of water AT THE DOORWAY!!!!!  Who does that?

BTW, this was a 60-plus degree day in the middle of February in Pittsburgh.  So it’s not like bucket-dumper had the excuse that, “It was way too cold to take the bucket up around to the dumpster area or to a drain” excuse.

Hey.. Rubber Baby Bucket Dumper..thank for the ice-skate on the floor when I walked it in a flurry-hurry to use the restroom!  Next time, take the bucket, at least, down hill from the entrance about 5-feet so that (and this is BRILLIANT on my part only from being an experienced bucket dumper) once we all step in the water at the entrance way… YOU DON’T HAVE TO MOP THE FLOOR AGAIN…. Ya Jagoff!