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Travel Jagoffs

The Dreaded Baggage Claim Jostling

For the veteran readers of this blog, you know this is one of my main pet peeves…..the people that think that they have to stand in the front row of the baggage claim machine.

To me, this is like having to stand in the front row of a fireworks display!  It makes zero sense!

In the pic… everyone just standing around.  One guy even looks like he plans on staying there a reeeal long time with a water bottle and who knows what kind of doomsday snacks packed in that backpack!  Then again, if you’ve ever tried to claim bags at the USAirways (or whatever they call their miserable-turn-your-backs-on-Pittsburgh selves these days) baggage claim in Pittsburgh, you know it’s gonna be a long wait and bringing rations might be a good idea!

Then ya have the two ladies just hanging out right there… because hanging out 5 feet away  from the baggage belt just isn’t a good spot for some reason.  Their reunion or discussion of what tours they are about to take in the Norfolk area HAS to take place right there…. where everyone else’s bags have to go passed them!

Solution: The airlines are now charging for better seats.  I’m now all for the idea of charging for a baggage claim spot. $25 premium if you want to stand in the front row and block mine, and everyone else’s view of what bags are coming.  But, until it’s your paid spot, if you’re gonna stand there while the bags are scooting a long, you’d better expect to get an Ulf-Samuelson-kind-of-body-check from me AND my suitcase in your kidney, if your gonna block my access.

I’m sure you can see your frilly-little-ribbon-on-the-handle-thingy from 5 feet back so step away from the baggage claim belt and make room for everyone, Ya Jagoffs!!