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There are days I wake up and just want to wear jeans, and days I think jeans are a nuisance and leggings will suffice.  Then there are days that I recall I am female and want to look female by wearing a long pencil skirt, or maybe a pair of trendy shorts we used to call culottes, but not a cool word anymore.  But no one says I can’t.  So, it is cray cray to me that officials at Norwin High School have declared that girls cannot wear pants to their commencement.  

Maybe it is my pent-up annoyance that I had to wear a polyester, pleated skirt every day in high school with legit random checks of where the skirt hit at the knee.  I mean I don’t recall a ruler to the leg to measure, but the nuns enforced that stuff nonetheless.  Plus, we had white button-down shirts and stiff blue sweaters to match.  Okay, so my annoyance lingers 25 years later but I believe my annoyance with this is beyond my Mt. Alvernia miff.  In a world of daughter’s wearing midriff tees and daisy dukes, we are not allowing pants?  Is this a rewind to decades before? Not to mention there are so many other hot topic issues to discuss that should hold rank over girls wearing pants.  It wasn’t Lady Gaga’s meat suit on legs or something see through ala Miley Cyrus, it was no to pants.   

I don’t know, bigger battles to fight, worse situations to consider.  Heck, gender specific clothing is pase so why are the common pants a no-no for girls? Mind blowing! I mean the obvious how dare you is, well obvious, but us girls have rules for dressing.  Is it hot outside, is there air conditioning inside? Is it my top warranting a pant or skirt, and do I have shoes to match? Bottom line it is MY choice, and FURTHERMORE who knows if I shaved my legs that day, ya jagoff!