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Don’t Get into a Pickle….Just VOTE #Picklesburgh

vote Picklesburgh in the national poll

Don’t be green with envy or relish the dill….just vote today and give Pittsburgh the thrill!  

Our city has been voted most livable city, most caring city, one of the best foodie towns, and most affordable cities among other titles over the years, but never deemed a destination for a food festival….until this dill!  Totally homegrown Picklesburgh is leading as the #1 specialty food festival in the US and your votes can make this small staple your city’s bread and butter!  So here are seven reasons to vote for Pittsburgh’s place to be in July! 

*Pickles can be very arrogant. They think they are such a big dill to handle. 

*The reason why the pickle container is always open is because it is ajar. 

*When you visit London, never leave the city without visiting the alltime favorite spot for pickles. It is known as pickle-dilly square. 

*When we walked in, the host pickle was reading a book. Its title was To Dill A Mockingbird. 

*Pickles normally derive their names from the places they come. For instance, the sweeter ones from the southern backwoods are known as hill-dillis. 

*Pickles operate on this one life philosophy, ‘never a dill moment.’ 

* If you have a pickle problem, the best way is to just dill with it. 

Okay we promise to stop with the pickle puns, just vote today and vote often as the voting closes tomorrow at noon.  Don’t get into a “pickle,” ya jagoff…just vote! 

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