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Don’t Break the Ketchup Rule!

YaJagoff Blog Heinz Ketchup

Yikes! Just like stepping on the Terrible Towel. Just like ordering a Primanti Brothers sandwich without the fries or slaw. Just like being a news anchor, new to the area, without learning how to say Monongahela.. you just don’t serve ketchup around here that isn’t Heinz!  Sure, they may not still make the stuff here but.. there’s a tradition.  And Texas Roadhouse is thumbing their nose at tradition.

C’mon Texas Roadhouse… you gotta do better!  Maybe we should take your managers for a Tiki Boat ride on the Pittsburgh rivers and point out some of the highlights of the area.. there ain’t no  Red Gold Lofts or Red Gold History Center or a Red Gold Field.  In Pittsburgh.. it’s HEINZ, YaJagoffs!

Kudos to @DavidDaleMcCue on Twitter for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!



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