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YaJAgoff Blog and Podcast Mask on Mirror

Been thinking about when you look into a vehicle these days you notice the ornament that hangs from the mirror maybe even before you recognize the type of car.  The ornament trending these days? Do ya need to ask?  It is the mask!   

It serves as a reminder to wear it when you are out for ANY reason, and it sparks convo.  There is the standard cotton in colors, the hospital blue or white, the ones that look like turtlenecks cut off and even bandannas or handkerchiefs. But before the mask hung proudly, there were other must haves.  Behold the evolution: 

  • The dice—the pair of fuzzy cubes that boldly stood out and defined the 1950’s 
  • The dream catchers—ahhh the whimsical usually clear/glass ornaments that added color to any car 
  • The grad tassel—c’mon show dem school colors  
  • The lanyard—whether you are wearing one for keys or a badge, afterward wearing it became the mirror dressing 
  • Rosary beads—aah the mother’s guilt reminder that if they didn’t proudly hang, if you crashed you may be judged a little more 
  • Air Freshener—the smoke coverup and the ultimate stocking stuffer in a multitude of scents 

They can all move over or head to the back of the car floor because the mask is main event on the mirror now.  Whether it dons a company logo, a screen-printed pic of a mouth, or a custom number made with love, hang it. Don’t leave home without it.  Just wear your mask, ya jagoff! 

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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