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Cyber Sale?

Garage Sale Jagoffs

Times they are a changing.  That is a cliché I can’t stand—I mean top five cliché’s not to say in my presence….eh, a little extreme.  It is what it is would take that title—even though I use it regularly.  Ok, that is not today’s blog post topic.   

The times they are a changing statement references the simple things in life that are now so complicated to those of us over a certain age who still operate under the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it motto.”   

The garage sale.  What happened to the days of old when you and your family would look around at your junk, I mean family treasures, on a random Wednesday and declare THAT coming weekend a garage sale? Better yet, what happened to calling your neighbors and convincing them into redding up their houses and pitching anything that they didn’t need; better known as a neighborhood yard sale? I mean, sorting through beloved belongings and selling less fond ones.   

You simply got sharpies and thought of a good time frame to sell your goods, marked the time on poster boards and thumbtacked the poster boards to telephone poles.  Then people came and negotiated change for the glassware with the Peanuts characters on the front.  You know, the frustrated a quarter for that glass?  How abaht a dime? 

Not today.  It is a process!  You have to decide the sale logistics weeks in advance with details like are there multiple sales as to not compete or you will fail.  Then you have to research “groups” on Facebook to announce your sale and allow the finicky groups to pre-ask questions ab out some of the items.  Cookbooks?  Is there a Paula Dean cookbook with a rooster on front?  Anything Keto?  These questions blow up your messenger all prior to the actual sale. Then you have to hope others share that you will be hosting the garbage event—I mean garage sale.  

The best part is, after it flops because people are hustling to the Home Goods sale that perfectly happened the weekend of the garage sale, the pre-askers now are post-askers through social media….hey, did anyone buy the shovel with the blue handle?  How abaht the yellow pilla case?  

What is the point? Where did the excitement go? And really, we know these sales don’t make a ton of money, but they were born to satisfy the “I have to get rid of this stuff so might as well make a few bucks while doing so” mentality. What is next?  Are you going to demand kids lemonade stands be posted on IG first? It’s summertime, get up, and get out to the garbage sale, I mean garage sale, ya jagoff! 

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