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The Curse of the Terrible Towel


Well… another episode of Terrible Towel disrespect, another curse upheld!  Above is Redskin’s kicker, Tress Way’s, mom.  She tweeted him a pre-game message the other day wishing him luck but…..unfortunately set the a Terrible Towel on fire.

See tweet:

The bottom line Mrs. Way, people have learned the hard way.. .don’t disrespect the towel.

Hey, it’s not all bad, at least ya now have a demo reel to submit as an audition for those Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercials, Ya Ja….. wait.. she seems to nice to say that!  Have I gone soft?  Urggggg….I can’t do it.. I can’t pull the trigger….it’s someone’s nice mom who sent him a tweet!!  My mom doesn’t send me a congratulatory phone call from a rotary house phone let alone tweet me an encouraging note!

Did Mrs. Way disrespect the Terrible Towel? She might say “No Way!”  But we say, “Yes way!” and, if you ever want to see your son’s team ever win a game against the Steelers…don’t disrespect the towel……


(I’m just gonna leave this way down here) ….. Ya Jagoff!


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