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Coronavirus Jagoffery – Underwear Mask

Coronavirus jagoffs YaJagoff Podcast

Well…. here’s a little story. It’s a true one about this fine man who seemed to get a little perturbed about needing a mask to enter a retail outlet and took an extreme approach to solving the issue.

First.. this is a true story. Came to us, along with the pic, first-hand.

  • This gentleman waited in line to enter a local hardware store.
  • All in line, standing 6-feet apart had masks as per the very public guidelines.
  • As he was moved forward to take his turn to enter, after about a 20-minute wait of seeing everyone else in line with masks, he was turned away by a store staff member for not having a mask.  He became angry.
  • He then walked to his car, dropped trow, removed his undies, pulled up his trousers and got back in line, and eventually entered the store, WITH HIS WORN SKIVVIES ON HIS FACE!

Yep! That’s him looking out a leg hole of his undies. Wondering what those tools SMELL like.

Hmmmm…nobody likes this mask stuff but, you cannot say that you don’t know that it’s happening. If you forget your mask.. be mad at yourself! I mean, thankfully it was early in the day!

All we can say is, hoping that they were clean like yer momma told ya to wear when you went out. Of course, she told you to do that in case you had an accident. She didn’t realize you might want clean skivvies because you might have to wear them on your face.. YaJagoff!

Thanks to A. Nonymous (like what we did there?)

for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!


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