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Coming to the End – Jagoff Displays

Our Jagoff displays and Jagoff-atiers (Jagoff Artists) are starting to mix their mediums. I kinda like the special F with a flair on the end of the left-side pic.  And look how the wooden J seems to set off the AGOFF (made outta plastic, metal or whatever that might be in the pic on the right).  The J seems to be leaning backward on the A like a cool-leather-jacketed-James-Dean-like-smoker leaning on a brick wall at the end of an alleyway toking on a short cig.

I also like the pricing tags that show the value of spelling the word Jagoff.  It’s a little like an odd game of Wheel of Fortune.  “I’ll take an F” (ding!) “Yes! There are 2 F’s!” and the Jagoff-atier gets $12.

By the way, this is the email that came with the 2 pics!

Some Christmas shopping fun/ boredom from Target in Detroit, MI. YA JAGOFF!

Most people go to their electronic devices when they are bored but, not this guy in Detroit!  He’s all about activity in Target! It’s great to see people putting the phones down an getting more active.  I wonder how many fit-bit burnt characters these two pics were worth (including the run-like-hell-before-the-manager-comes and mischievous smile physical activity that might be associated with such fine artwork).

Ok, 2 more days before we take a break for Christmas! So 2 more days to get creative.  Just remember, don’t permanently deface anything, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to our Honorary Jagoff-atier, Matt Garner, for the fine artwork!