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The Christmas Wreath Knitter


Saw this guy driving down Route 28.  You know, the road that you used to have be watching for boulders to fall on your head?  Well, when behind this character, you have be watch out for tree branches snapping back in your face just like Curly from the Three Stooges when he was walking behind Moe and Larry in the woods!

This guy was dropping branches all the way down Route 28.  By the time he got to where he was going he wouldn’t have had enough branches to make a pinky ring let alone a door wreath.  If he would have been hauling palm leaves, I would have thought Jesus was follwing him into town!

Dude… one thing to say to you and your white truck full of pine tree branches….you’re just like the hairy guy that gets into a hot tub with no swimsuit on… put a net on that thing, Ya Jagoff!!!!

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