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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Child Stuck in Vending Machine

(This issue occurred before this site went live but it DOES deserve posting. It’s been a while since we had a Parent Jagoff posting!”)

So this 2 year-old make national news by climbing into one of those stuffed toy vending machines.  Click here if you’re a Jagoff and don’t know the story already.  Hey parent of this child, how long do you actually have to be NOT WATCHING YOUR CHILD in order for them to have enough time to get away then figure out how to crawl into a vending machine???  Are ya busy on Draw Something???????????

Get off of the DANCE REVOLUTION machine, put down the Starbucks mocha-lotta-has-a-lotta-crappalotta put down that Draw Something app, take out your headphones and learn to watch yer kid, YA JAGOFF!!

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