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ChaseING the Spender 

News screenshot of Pittsburgh residents recieving chase bank cards they didn't sign up for

By the time I was 22 I had three credit cards with three different names on them: Discover, Visa and Mastercard. Each had ridiculous interest rates that the reps who lingered at my student union failed to tell me about when they convinced me to open each of them.  No blame on those schemers, though.  I did it.  

The silver lining is that paying off those ridiculous rates on top of my late pizza orders and cheap beer runs taught me to never open another high-interest credit card again.  Really, to use as few credit cards as possible.  

So to hear that there are over 25 cases filed with Pittsburgh police departments around the city for credit card fraud amazes me that this could happen today.  I mean multiple cards are opening with innocent people behind these cards, who did NOT open them.  Come on!  We have find my phone, Life 360, Alexa for Pete’s sake.  

We must give 7 passwords to enter a google enforced area for another password.  Plus, it is always the couple who have immaculate credit and doesn’t give in to silly offers like a chenille blanket for opening an account with no interest for 66 months.  

For one couple, they learned about one card and days later another statement came because another card was opened….with their info.  Who does this? Well, it is Chase. (see story on WPXI) We all kinda know a Chase who is a little sneaky, but this one is the worst of all.  Hoping the 412 cops figure out how this is happening.  And Chase, stop snagging identities, ya jagoff! 



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