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Charcoal and Toothpaste… On Your Face??

The Today Show is the female’s holy grail for worthy news thanks to Jenna Bush Hager, Dr. Joy, Hoda and Kathie Lee, minus the occasional bits from Matt, Al and Willie, of course.  This week they declared that the trending product for women is the charcoal mask.  Charcoal.  Not as in what is used on the grill; but charcoal nonetheless.

Admittedly in my teens, I did the toothpaste on the occasional zit, that appeared on the left side of my chin, requiring a dab of Crest to crust over the crater and magically eliminate it, but never did.  My early 20’s claimed the lemon in the hair era that supposedly produced a sheen and tamed any flyaway frizz pieces that couldn’t be tamed. By my 30’s avocado on the skin, and straight vaseline were the “in” cosmetic cures, and of course, the latest craze, that had been my ONLY regimen, was the all-purpose coconut oil.  You know, the go-to for healthy eating, split ends and dry hair, as well as a make-up remover and skin softener.

But the almighty Today Show reported that charcoal was the trending mask to best improve your skin at any age.  They provided the usual explanation that toxins clog pores and when pores aren’t clear, neither is the complexion. Furthermore, activated charcoal, when used in a face mask, binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores making them less visible.

Somehow these weird remedies trigger my interest and hook me, though!  But it is crazy to think that I have used substances I brush my teeth with, cook with, and used for diaper rash.  Now, the hot skin trend is a charcoal concoction–no pun intended– that is not a grill special, but almost a challenge of products that Jenna and Joy and Kathie and Hoda dare you to administer from forehead to chin.  Makes me wonder if they are waiting in Studio 1A ready to say, “Did ya try it, Ya Jagoff?”

Thanks to Guest Blogger, Rachael Rennebeck for the post today while John is away searching for Big Foot! 

Charcoal Mask Ingredients (if ya wanna try)

  • 1 tsp bentonite clay.
  • 1 tsp activated charcoal powder.
  • 2 tsp water.
  • ½ tsp raw honey.
  • 1 drop each tea tree and lavender essential oil (optional)