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Chance to Meet Jaromir Jagr in Pittsburgh, March 18th

Hey.. Happy Friday!  Some big news here! (Like… hold on to your britches kind of stuff!)

You know that we have a new partner, Total Sports Enterprises.  Wait! You didn’t know that?  C’mon… sit up and pay attention!

Well, our new partner Total Sports Enterprises is going to do a public signing with Jaromir Jagr on March 18th at The Mall at Robinson. On top of that, your lovely YaJagoff Podcast hosts, Craig Tumas and I, will be on hand to interview him for that week’s podcast aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand (here comes the bestest part) we will be hanging out with all of you in line doing posts on the TSE page via Facebook Live!

(Right now you just said to yourself, “Are you kidding me?” and maybe even peed your pants a bit because you can’t believe how awesome it is that Craig and I are going to be working the line!)

Ok… nobody REALLY cares that we’re working the line so that’s why we are bringing prizes!

The YaJagoff Podcast Crew will be working the line to dish out prizes:

  • Sport your best mullet–REAL or FAKE–tweet us where you are in line! Prizes for Best Real Mullet and Best Fake Mullet
  • Prize Wheel (We are bringing our YaJagoff Spinning Thingy)
  • Random Prizes for the Best Cookies (Because we loooooooooooove cookies)
  • “Whatta ya have on ya?” Games (Kind of like that show that gives you prizes for things you might have on ya… “Let’s Make a (whooop there is an attorney standing over my shoulder not allowing me to type that)
  • Be sure to check in with FB Live throughout the day for live footage

The time of the signing is To Be Determined (basically because Craig and I have hair appointments that day.)  Once we determine what time we can get there, “our people” will call Jagr’s people and get the time set in stone!

Sooooooooooo… see ya at Total Sports Enterprises March 18th, YaJagoffs!

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