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YaJAgoff Podcast of Pittsburgh

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Celebrating 60 Years of Maz

October 20, 2020

The Game 7 Gang celebrate the Maz walk-off homer every year at the field in Oakland, but Covid prohibited a crowd this year. So, the jagoffs interviewed legendary pitcher Steve Blass, Pirates announcer Greg Brown and the guy with all the memorable gadgets, Johnny Angel, at the Maz statue. Add Irv Kotovsky, who was at the game all those years ago, and a 60 year celly is an understatement.

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5:07 Steve Blass, Greg Brown and Jack Hunt aka Johnny Angel

Steve Blass

The legendary 70’s Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher remembers leaving his Connecticut town with his soon-to-be brothers-in-law to play with some of the best Bucs ever. From nights out listening to Horambe to words of wisdom from rooming with Maz, #28 reflects life experiences from his 50-year career in baseball. What Stones song brings Blass satisfaction, and that is NOT a hint.

Greg Brown

With John as his #1 fan, the famed announcer recalls a few fan stories including Blass’s willingness to always meet his fans. As a game enthusiast, Brown admits that last year was his first crack at the Game 7 event and will remain a yearly must-do. Another must-do suggestion from Brown, a visit to PNC Park. With stories of Pirates throughout the last few years, Brown admits Maz is a man of few words but few people’s words pack such a knowledgeable punch.

Johnny Angel

Friend of Steve Blass and baseball admirer like Brown, Jack Hunt agrees that Maz is a wealth of knowledgeable advice. A young JA listened to the famous game 7 and kept score with a pencil but didn’t save the notes, which would have been a valued momentum in his pop-culture museum. But what valued thing did his mom give away without knowing?

51:55 Dan Schultz

Dan, one of the Game 7 Gang jumps in to talk about the organic growth of meeting at the Forbes Field Wall location in Oakland every year to celebrate Maz’s homerun. It all started with a man and his cassette tape recording of the game.

56:39 Irv Kotovosky

Sharp as a tack at 90-years young, Irv recalls the game that so many claim to have attended. He sat behind the Yankees and feels bad that some of the attendees left early to most likely grab drinks, missing the walk-off home run. Irv says it was just another day, since no one knew that moment would make history. He continues to purchase season tickets but has never met the man behind the homer. What would he say if he met him?

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