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A Triple Dip of Ohio Drivers on a Training Mission (YIKES)

'YaJagoff Jagoffs Ohio Drivers

We all know the urban legend, which really ISN’T an urban legend, about Ohio drivers driving slowly in the fast line. Well, this day we had a trip-trip-triple play of it.

In the photos, 2 of the same white pick-up trucks driving below the speed limit on I-79 IN THE FAST LANE.  There is actually a third pickup truck following the first 2!

It appears that these are Ohio drivers on an official how-to-jerk-PA-drivers-around training mission.  “Hey, dad, can you please teach me how to cruise around in the slow lane over in PA?” “Sure son, get in the truck!”

And we found them. Like the Ohio-driver version of the Blue Angels!

So, to Ohio drivers, here’s driving 101:

1)  The left lane of the road is the PASSING lane – used to drive in when you are trying to get around another driver.  After you pass that driver, you get back into the right lane.

2) The right lane is where you can casually drive while you talk on your phone, text, daydream, gaze around or dream up or revel in the fact that the Browns are a real-life challenger against the Black and Gold!

(And here the biggest tip)

3) The gas pedal is the pedal on the right, YA JAGOFFS!!!

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