Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Pittsburgh Podcast Guest Collage

#YaJagoffPodcast/ Jagoffs Eatin’ and Drinkin’ at Lincoln

Summary: The Jagoffs walk by the Bellevue brewery daily and finally get to grab a growler and graze on some famous apps while talking Bellevue, beer and burgers with...
YaJAgoff Podcast Collage

#YaJagoffPodcast/The FanMastic Podcast  

Summary: Brad Factor teaches the jagoffs how to factor in a VR element to enhance job training with the world’s first robotic VR shoes, and thankfully the Campisi’s add...
YaJagoff Podcast From Top Golf

#YaJagoffPodcast/A PODdy at Top Golf

Summary: Eager to better their golf games, the jagoffs invite entertainment industry leader Brian Drusky of Drusky Entertainment, Veteran’s Place pioneer Rob Hamilton and even secured some Alex Maxwell...