Saturday, February 29, 2020

Parking Jagoffs

    Jagoff Parkers Today – Including Something Moscow

      Welcome to the Friday-which-was-supposed-to-be-Thursday's-but-wasn't-because-it-didn't'-get-finished-due-t0-the-internet-outage blog post!  We have another PLETHORA of "Peter Parkers" today. For those that are new and don't have a clue what a "Peter Parker" is, here's...

    It’s “Peter Parker” Day!!!!

    (If you are new, click HERE for our  Peter Parker definition.) Does the pair of photos above say something about the reading level of Sheetz customers???  Both signs say...

    Another Plethora of “Peter Parkers” From All Over

    ANOTHER Peck of “Peter Parkers” ...just in time to lead us into the Holiday Weekend!  As has been said before,  the inbox, Twitter feed, Facebook and Instagram feeds have been busy.  By...