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A Car Vending Machine Coming to Pittsburgh?


It’s kind of cool that Pittsburgh is becoming known for tech stuff…. driverless cars, robots and now…… possibly…. a car vending machine.  The first one in the entire world is in Nashville and the second one… well….it may be coming to Pittsburgh.

It’s used cars and the machine developer says it reduces the price of the car significantly. See full story on KDKA-TV website.

I’m calling BS already because there ain’t nothin’ in no vending machine that’s cheaper when it’s in a vending machine.  Even the work un-official vending machine that Tom, the guy from the accounting department, fills each Monday morning after his weekend trip to Costco or Sam’s Club!

But let’s just say it is cheaper.  Is it practical? Well, who cares, it might be more fun to watch when the cars get stuck in between levels and the user has to call the Hulk to come pound on the building to shake it lose!

All that I know is, if you can design a vending machine that vends cars… you can damn sure design a vending machine that accepts a dollar that has a wrinkled corner, Ya Jagoffs!