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Jeet Jet?

Jeet Jet? Brookie Boxes

There are care packages and then there are Brookie Boxes.  I will go with double B. 

Sheani Smith has full-time employment, and is a mom of three, but sharing her talented hobby of sweetness in a box was the brainchild of being home more during the height of the pandemic.  This two-person operation was named the Brookie Box, and Sheani put her husband to the task of delivering to patrons. 

That is the concept, baked goods in a box with deadlines to prepare her hub for his baked good delivery schedule.  Sheani and Jon are a small, proud, black-owned business armed with sweetness to spread joy with each box. Often themed by seasons and Sheani’s hankerings, the process is to follow on Facebook, order via the link, and arrange pick up or wait for delivery.  Support, savor and sustain their sweetness.  

Now available, the Summer Picnic Box, a delicious blend of chopped dark chocolate, caramel bars and crushed pretzels topped with drizzled milk chocolate and sea salt! The limited Summer Picnic Box will be ready for pickup or delivery on August 28th AND September 4th! 


Behold the excellence in a box for any occasion.  Perhaps a back to school pick me up? 

When caramel meets oatmeal, your tastebuds doubly thank you! 


Oh snap, is that ginger? 


You had me at chocolate drizzle! 

 Meet the Smith family who make life sweeter.  Follow on Facebook @BrookieBoxPgh or on Instagram at @brookiebox_pgh.

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