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Beaver County Jagoff Driver Needs to be Nabbed

jagoff passing school bus on double line

What you are seeing, as a photograph, doesn’t give this jagoff capture justice.  If you want to see the video, see it on 

This SUV driver is on the school bus bus-cam speeding past one bus and then, not long after, pulling up behind another stopped school bus and then… yep… passing THAT bus too!

Not sure why anyone is in that such a hurry to get to work. But then, maybe they weren’t going to work! Maybe they were scurrying to purchase some YaJagoff Beer from North Country Brewing?

All jokes aside, we need to help the authorities find this driver that was driving on Dutch Ridge Road (Brighton Twp) on the morning of March 2nd.  You in?  There can’t be THAT many alternate routes in Beaver County.

The funny thing is Passing Peter (or Passing Pauline) has zero common sense.  Do they not know that, in the time of everything-has-a-tiny-camera-attached-to-it-except-for-the-colonoscopy-tube, school buses have cameras?

Pauline and/or Peter.. not sure that any of the standard, “I thought I was gonna poop my pants,” “My mom has fallen and cannot get up,” or “If I don’t get to work right now some puppies and kittens might die,” excuses will work on this one!

Hoping someone following this blog post gets a reward for catching you by sharing this blog post….Ya Jagoff!

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