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Beach Jagoffery?

So ya sit down at the wide open beach, ready to relax and gaze at the view.  This is, of course, after you walked to this spot, maybe made a bunch of circles like a dog does before it settles to make sure the spot is perfect, made sure it was a perfect view, put your stuff down, and maybe even swore at your towel or blanket a few times as you tried to get it to flatten in the wind.

Then, despite the fact that the beach is thousands of feet long, two people stroll along and stop right in front of you for THEIR gander at the horizon.

“Oh look at that out there.. hmmmm how nice!  Glad that we stopped here because the view probably isn’t nearly as good 6-feet further down the beach!”

Hey, Beach “Bums”… LITERALLY…. (see what I did there?) can you not find some other place to stand other than directly in MY line of view?  Yeah, go ahead, put your hand up to your forehead! It’s pretty damned nice out there! And far too.  And, guess what, the people behind you would like to experience that damned nice view too as opposed to your ARSES and the backs of your Izod shirts, Ya Jagoffs!

If you spot any vacation Jagoffery, submit a pic!