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Be VEWY, VEWY Quiet.. It’s Pothole Season You Know!

Yes, potholes can be JAGOFFS too!

I drove to this specific pothole on Forbes Avenue.  I crept along Forbes in the curb lane at 15mph looking for it.  This pothole is actually big enough to hide Mayor Ravenstahl and his body guards the next time a major snowfall hits the city (so he doesn’t have to hide out at Seven Springs.)

Hey, you Tire-swallowing-Bounce-my-car-hard-enough-to-cause-a-Sidney-Crosby-type-concussion-Almost-big-enough-to-use-as-a-wave-pool pothole – I called the Mayors’ 311 line to report you and I’m gonna bring my lawn chair and a couple of Iron City beers to Forbes Avenue and WATCH WITH JOY when the City road crew fills yer tire-gobblin’ arse, YA JAGOFF!!!


(By the way, if you were the person drivin’ behind me on Forbes Avenue INSESCENTLY beeping and waving your arms while I was trying to drive with one hand AND take this photo, please don’t submit a picture of MY car as a possible Jagoff posting! I was driving like a Jagoff in the name of high integrity blog reporting!)


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