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Baseball Jagoffs

Baseball Bull Pen Carts are Back – Diamond Backs are NOT Jagoffs!

As we say… sometimes the phrase “Ya Jagoff,” can be a term of endearment!  Example: “Hey buddy, that’s a pretty sweet Pierre LaRouche jersey you have tucked into your good Sunday jeans, Ya Jagoff!”

While I was a total fan of the Jared Hughes run from the bullpen to the pitcher’s mound, (I always wanted to challenge him to a run down the grocery store frozen pizza aisle) Check this out… I kind of remember these things and, my memory is, they were awesome!

Seems like the Angels were the first team to use a golf cart to drive pitchers from the bullpen to the mound in 1963.  Hard to believe that, riding pitchers to the mound actually started in Cleveland, of all places! In the 1950s, they started riding pitchers to the mound in a red wagon!  The golf carts, with giant baseball hats were a thing of 70’s baseball. The Pirates even transported their own cart to Baltimore for their World Series away games in 1971. (See story on

No idea why these things are coming back! Some say it is to speed up the game but, I doubt that! I think it’s more of a factor of baseball park grass cutters and field groomers are getting older and need jobs… so.. instead of them leaving baseball and becoming door-openers and door-holders at local funeral homes, driving the bullpen golf carts are making a comeback.

Either way… we love it!  Finally.. something about baseball to be excited about after the opening day beers wear off. Nice work, Diamaondbacks… YaJagoffs! (used in the term of endearment form!)