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Bare Feet Jagoffs (On a Zoom)

YaJagoff Blog from Pittsburgh Feet

First.. showing your bare feet in public, other than a beach, should be outlawed. In some cases, open-toed shoes should be against the law.

Second, Zoom-life has become the norm. We are all watching things live on Zooms and, while there are many jokes about who is wearing what under the camera line, this pic is not a joke! It’s a couple that signed on to a live comedy show Zoom. And, while we believe that you should indeed be able to relax in your own home during a zoom, hmmmmmm… we do not believe you should be showing your bare feet to the entire audience.

SIDE NOTE: We did not notice him picking between his toes or trimming his toenails during the show, thank GAWD!

Hey Fred Flinstone, the zooms are meant to cause relaxation and you are indeed in your own home but….please remember you are on camera so get your popcorn, your cocktail or beer or pop, loosen that belt buckle, jut that chair back and the foot rest up and, feel free to take your shoes and socks off but.. PALEEEEZE tighten up that camera angle or, at least, put a granny afghan or your pet dog over those toes, Ya Jagoff!

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