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All That and a bag of No-Chips


Just in case you don’t understand what the Jagoff-estrator markings are highlighting, those are micro-tortilla chip particles… so small that they wouldn’t even make a good bowl of Tortilla-Chip-Cereal if you wanted to.

But, someone had this bag out, ate all of the big chips OR ate most of the big chips and then stomped this bag or hit it with a series of sledgehammer whacks.  The key point, when I grabbed the bin of salsa the other day and sat down on a chair ready to watch the Pens game with a lighter snack…..BOOM… chip particles!

Not sure why anyone even wasted a chip-clip on this thing.

My guess is that this is done by the same high-level criminal in our house that leaves the toilet paper roll empty on a regular basis.  Or, the same person that sits their dirty glass on the counter just above the dishwasher vs putting it IN the dishwasher.

Someone paleeeeeeze throw this bag away.  When you reach into the bag and feel chip-gravel, it’s time to toss this thing in the garbage vs. me finding it, and being so desperate for chips and salsa, that I have to dump these things into the salsa container and eat them with a spoon.  Warning, if you live in my house, the Liam Neeson calls are about to start, Ya Jagoffs!