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Parking Jagoffs

Bad Parking (#PeterParkers) at the Beaver Valley Mall

Haaaaa…. so what do you think that you’re looking at there?  Go on… take a shot.  Think about it.  Try not to think of the word “jagoff” first.  Are you really seeing what you THINK you’re seeing?

By the way, here’s the quote that came with the photo:

that’s my new truck parked beside them, I parked and come back aht and jag bag is pulled in next to me!

Well, is this person a jagoff or is the driver of the black car a victim of their environment?  Case in point, if they are used to driving their car around in reverse 100% of the time and viewing the road through one of those newfangled dashboard screen thingies… the road would like this:


Therefore, from THEIR point view…this parking spot would look completely NORMAL to the driver of the black car.

Hey Chevy-Chase, given your model of car, I seriously doubt you can pedal that thing fast enough to need a trunk spoiler!  I mean… seriously? That seems like a waste of money bud.  The car itself is simply a motorized rollers skate for crisssakes!

Next time park legally, and, in the case of your car particular car model, that could actually mean picking the damned thing up and carrying it under your arm while you mall-walk, Ya Jagoff!

Big thanks to Chris P for being today’s Jagoffs #PeterParkers Catcher!



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