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Bad Cheerleading Mamma

bad cheerleading mom tries to get other kids kicked off the squad

Sure, these blogs are supposed to be about people embarrassing the rest of of Pittsburghers but, sometimes, we have to expand our net of jagoffery.  This is one of those times. See the story on

She allegedly “manipulated photos from social media of three girls on the Victory Vipers cheerleading squad in Chalfont to make it appear they were drinking, smoking and even nude, investigators said.”

Yikes!  The alleged mom is 50 years old.

Who realized that a 50-year old knew how to use photoshop so well? Or, was it NOT done well?  Maybe the photos looked like one of those old-fashioned hand-cut ransom notes.. square boxes of heads scotched taped to a fake body.

Either way, how crazy of a mom is this?

Hey there long-lost sister of Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms, kudos to you for knowing how to use photoshop! No kudos for using those skills for evil vs. making fun St. Patrick’s Day photos like the JibJab peeps.

Ok.. our jagoff photo shop skills suck! Maybe, if you get convicted, you can use some of your misdemeanor sentence to teach US how to use photoshop.. meantime.. just tell your kid to practice cheerleading more if she wants to make the team… YaJagoff!

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