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Avoiding Toilet Plunger Jagoffery

Pittsburgh jagoff

3,482,291 comedians and wanna-be-comedians (you know… those people that drink at parties that think they should have a Netflix stand-up special) have joked about the silly “wash, rinse, repeat” instructions on the shampoo bottle or the “hot” symbol on coffee.

But…(or since this is about toilet plungers perhaps I should say BUTT… yeah, I’m crafty like that) this is stupidity to another level.

What makes someone think they should return a used plunger? Wait! After it has unclogged a nasty poop, paper and urine filled toilet, what makes someone want to put that nasty a$$ plunger in their car to DRIVE it to the store to return it?”

Hard to believe this sign was necessary but.. you know some people! If you by a plunger, keep it to your nasty self or sell it as a silly hat at a flea market, Ya Jagoffs!

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