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ATM Banking Jagoffery

ATM Jagoffs

Ok… the ATM has become even MORE of a way of life since the pandemic closed some bank lobbies.  And, with increased ATM use comes an increase in ATM jagoffery.

I get it..sometimes you don’t pull close enough or your driver-side window doesn’t work so you have to open your door to use the ATM.

I get it.. sometimes your passenger needs to use the ATM so they hand their card over to you and talk you through their pin, checking vs. savings, getting a balance, etc, etc.

I get it.. sometimes you’re walking and you have to use the ATM so you stand in line in between two cars to wait your turn. Maybe you’re even on a bicycle.

But… once you get your money outta the machine… GO!  There is a long line behind you.  I realize you might be a “fuss budget,” as my grandmother might say, and have to put your stuff away before you pull off but… do you really have to do that right at the machine with 5 cars behind you?  Can’t you just pull forward and then, fold your receipt, put your money in your wallet or purse, separate the cash in individual envelopes for your babysitter, haircut and the casino? Do you really need to adjust your mirror and you’re hair before pulling away from the ATM or can you do that at the next stop?  Who’s looking at you as you pull away?

I know this makes me sound like a 90-year old cranky-franky but….can ya please have a little common courtesy and keep the, now busier than ever, ATM line moving.. YaJagoff?

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