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Are We “Welcome” at WalMart in Luray

Jagoff Blog Post

Well now!  Or should we say, “Wlle nwo!”

This is actually a sign for sale at the Luray, Virginia WalMart.  The cool part is, now many times did human eyes look at this sign before it was put on a shelf for sale.  Maybe the manufacturer in China didn’t know but once it got here, someone unpacked it, someone put a price thingy on it, someone put it on the shelf and, maybe, someone rearranged or counted the inventory at some point and, for some reason, it didn’t look like the others!

As you can see on the IG post, this definitely falls into the “You had one job!” category of life.

Just so thankful that the person that created THIS sign wasn’t responsible for the sign that says, “Lucky Few,” ya jagoff!

Thanks to @YinzerTracy‘ on Instagram for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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